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Calabria, rich in mythological and enchanted places, nature preserves intact and visible traces of past civilizations that delineate the history and origins. On the coast between Marinella of Cutro and Crotone, just 15km from NIRVANA Club Village, the marine reserve of Capo Rizzuto and the archaeological park of Capo Colonna are a wonderful example.

icona-belcastro.jpg BELCASTRO
Center of Greek origin in the province of Catanzaro.
Belcastro hasfar-flung roots, dating back to Magnagrecia. The hometown of St. Thomasd'Aquino and Joseph Poerio. This unknown has given much to theChristian Catholic and secular. It was a medieval fiefdom and abishop's seat. It retains, therefore, as a stage of historicalmonuments, of various ages, which can boast very few countries in theCalabria. A plunge in the past enhanced by pearls, still visible. Asthe keep of the Castle of the Counts of Aquino, the palace of thefamily or other Poerio. Belcastro is still the city of sopraffino thatonly a hilly country can offer, after so much effort course. It alsooverlooks the sea, a strip of land reaches the Ionian Sea, is Proud, or"Condoleo." Belcastro is a place full of history, memory andhospitality. Located at the foot of Sila Piccola, easily accessiblefrom State 106.

icona-lecastella.jpg LE CASTELLA
Village characteristic for his castle in the sea of very ancientorigins. During the Aragonese, the old castle was now in ruins.Intervened so, around 1500, Federico d'Aragona who did start theproject for the reconstruction of the massive cylindrical tower, which,in the early decades of the century. XVI, was enclosed in the castlenow visibile. The origin of Castella is lost in time so as mysterysurrounded by the presence attested to the'500, two or three smallislands not far from the mainland, one of which, that Ogigia called, itwas said there had dwelt Calipso that would have kept for a long timethe hero Ulysses seas. This place opened a contention not yet fullycalm down, although historians, writers and geographers agree to placethe enchanted island in quell'arcipelago indeed poor component,overlooking the trident of headlands Japigi format from Cape Cimiti,Capo Rizzuto and Punta Castella. To understand the meaning instead ofthe name of "Le Castella", used in the plural, one must consider thatthe folk tradition refers to the existence of various castles posts onthe islands overlooking the coastline and marine Immerse into thedepths.

icona-capocolonna.jpgCAPO COLONNA
The history of Cape Colonna is linked to the history of Crotone sinceits foundation, by the Achaeans, attracted by the enchanting sitebetween 740 BC and 718 BC Of that temple today is a single column, that'the name to the promontory on which rises.
On the promontoryLacinia, sacred place was built the famous temple of Hera Lacinia Greekgoddess-protector of women, pastures and fertility dates around thesixth century BC that in addition to the sanctuary, is also mentionedin the sources as the center of refreshment and rest for seafarers, aswell as bank. The fame and wealth of the shrine are told in ancientliterature describing a lush forest, a lush garden in which peacefulgrazing oxen sacred to the goddess. Of that temple today is a singlecolumn, that the name to the promontory on which rises.

icona-vallicupe.jpg VALLI CUPE
One hundred spectacular waterfalls high up 100 m are immersed in asetting of lush vegetation type subtropical, where you can experiencethe unique experience of a bath in clear waters and pristine, fed bystreams that fall through the impetuous mountain slopes up to reach thecrystalline waters of the Ionian Sea.
La Cascata Bellbird islocated in one of the most pristine areas in the region, but at thesame time easily reachable by any means. On the path leading to thewaterfall you can find 3 sources, a vullu (a feature puddle of water)and an old bridge, built by local craftsmen really able and partlydestroyed by the bombing of the Second World War. The huge forest ofItaly, described by the Greeks, Romans and many other distinguishedtravelers over the centuries has provided timber, fragrant fern andshelter to many Euro-Mediterranean civilization. Ships fleet of Greeksand Romans, San Pietro in Rome, San Marco in Venice, the Reggia diCaserta and many other important monuments were built in whole or inpart with the wood of trees generous Hile of Greek, Roman and Selvabrutia Sila today and indomitable.


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